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  • Sick Building Syndrome

    Sick building syndrome is a syndrome complex that is associated with one's place of work or residence. Studies and research state that about 30 % of the new and remodeled buildings are linked to symptoms of Sick building syndrome SBS. Poor indoor air quality is the chief cause for the symptoms of SBS.

    Sick building syndrome develops when the occupant of a building complains of acute health effects that seem to be related to the time spent in the building. Usually, there isn't any illness or definite cause that can be identified. Complaints may be restricted to one specific room or region, or could be prevalent throughout the whole building. Habitually, problems occur when the building is maintained in a way that is not consistent with its original design or approved operating procedures, or when resident activities generate a problem. To transport the sick person to the new place our specialists advise to contact Toronto wheelchair taxis and avoid any troubles.

    Sick Building Syndrome may start with general health problems. You can feel unexpected headache or suffer from dental pain. In such situations it is worth visiting professional like Barrie cosmetic dentist and make sure that you don`t have serious dental health problems.

    Sick Building Syndrome Causes

    The exact cause of SBS is not known; but, the following are important contributing factors:
    Faults in the ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems. Poor temperature and humidity conditions.
    Toxins thrown out by out-gassing building materials, molds and volatile organic materials.
    Insufficient ventilation and elimination of ozone and industrial solvents
    Lack of fresh air and air filtration.
    Toxins and noxious wastes from outside sources such as: vehicle fumes and exhausts, plumbing vents, and inside sources such as: carpeting, upholstery, cleaning agents and pesticides.
    Bacteria, pollen, viruses and molds are significant biological contaminants. If you lost consciousness because of poor air condition into your office or any other building and had any injuries, you should consult accident lawyers Durham who will help you to get copensation for your damages.

    Sick Building Syndrome Symptoms

    Symptoms of SBS are:
    irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat
    dry or itchy skin, skin sensitivity
    dry, irritating cough
    overtiredness and lethargy
    sensitivity to odors
    In this case you will have to address for help to Edmonton family physician who can diagnose the problems. Most of the times, the symptoms of sick building syndrome get allayed once the individual leaves the room / zone / building. Then again, in sensitive individuals, the symptoms may be persistent and the pollutant could leave lasting effects. In some cases the patient may need a professional assistance from homecare service experts in order to get rid of all unpleasant symptoms caused by SBS.

    Sick Building Syndrome Treatment

    Diagnosis can be made on the basis of the symptoms and clinical manifestations, especially, since the symptoms may abate or get resolved once the person leaves the building. Also, several people in that particular room / zone / building will have similar symptoms.
    The following measures have been proved to be decidedly effective in the management of SBS:
    Non pressure eradication of algae and mold is very important and must be taken care of.
    Contaminant source removal is of equal significance.
    Alternate the water-stained ceiling tiles and carpets.
    Make sure that the adhesives, paints, chemicals, and pesticides are used in well-ventilated quarters of the building
    Increase the number of air exchanges
    Appropriate and repeated maintenance of ventilation, humidity and air condition systems is an important aspect of the management program.
    Cyclic cleaning or substitution of filters; smoking bans; venting pollutant source releases to the outdoors; use of the pollutant sources when the area is not occupied; and giving some time for the building materials in re-modeled or new areas to get rid of some of the pollutants before use.
    Education and communication are very vital features in corrective as well as protective indoor air quality management programs. When the inhabitants of the building, the management, and the maintenance staff understand and discuss the cause and harsh consequences of the problems, they can work together to put a stop to the problems from occurring and will be able to successfully solve them.

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    If your have notices that you have a sick building syndrome or any other health disorders, you should immediately visit a doctor for a detailed consultation. All medical specialists from physicians to family dentists always know better how to help you and can find a proper treatment for your condition.

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