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    Symptoms are handled by improving the general turn over rate of fresh air exchange with the outside air, diminishing the on-going use of toxic cleaning compounds, and eliminating conditions that support mold growth.

    Treatment for Sick Building Syndrome

    • Non pressure elimination of algae and mold is essential.

    • Toxin and contaminant source removal is of great importance.

    • Alternate ceiling tiles and carpets that may have accumulated water.

    • Use adhesives, paints, pesticides, chemicals and solvents in well-ventilated areas

    • Raise the number of air exchanges

    • Suitable and periodic maintenance of ventilation, humidity and air condition systems

    • Episodic cleaning or substitution of filters; restrictions on smoking; getting rid of the pollutant source emissions to the out side; use of pollutant sources when the area is not occupied, and giving enough time for the materials in new or re-modeled areas to off-gas noxious substances before habitation.

    • Enhancing ventilation rates and distribution of air is a commercial way of decreasing indoor contaminant levels.

    • Communication and education are very important aspects in remedial as well as precautionary air quality management agendas. When the occupants of the building, the management, and the maintenance staff comprehend the cause and brutal consequences of the problems, they can effectively work together to put a stop to the problems and will be able to successfully solve them.

    Prognosis for Sick Building Syndrome

    Prognosis for sick building syndrome is good to moderate. Simple treatment and self care measures help mange the symptoms of allergy effectively. Also, following a good diet and exercise routine helps fight off the manifestations of SBS better. However, those who are extremely sensitive may be left with lasting effects and the outcome in such cases is fairly poor.
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