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    Everyone who considers losing weight in healthy ways, without using express diets and Thai pills of dubious origin, understands that exercising on yoga mats or doing aerobics is an integral part of any weight loss program. Fortunately, there are plenty of training in the gyms ranging from fitness and dance to yoga and cardio training. So what is better for losing weight - active fitness or calm yoga?
    If we only talk about the desire to quickly part with the extra pounds, then fitness is in the lead. To speed up metabolic processes and burn fat stores, the pulse frequency during training should be in a certain range. This is easy enough to achieve, moving to fast music, and it is almost impossible to meditate and practice static asanas. But the fact is that those types of fitness that actively burn fat are not suitable for everyone. They create a sufficiently large load on the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, beginners who have not had any physical training for a long time, should seriously consider the advantages of yoga: minimal stress on the heart and blood vessels; relieving stress, unloading the nervous system; development of flexibility and mobility of joints; relaxation and spinal traction; restoration of energy balance; correction of posture.
    However, yoga has one drawback - it will not give a quick result for losing weight. But exercising on yoga mats will give the body a beautiful outline and improve the skin condition. There are practically no contraindications to it. People with a sick and injured vertebrae and impaired functions of the vestibular apparatus cannot attend classes.
    So, is fitness better? For young people with excess body weight, perhaps, yes. Only in case that the emphasis is not on general improvement in health, but on rapid weight loss. It should be remembered that some types of fitness can overload the joints and spine, raise blood pressure and stimulate the heart too much. Therefore, there are many medical contraindications and it is better to ask your doctor if you can do fitness before buying an annual subscription.
    On the other hand, it is fitness that promotes active fat burning; accelerates the exchange processes; stimulates the growth of muscle fibers; accelerates excretion of toxins; eliminates edema, stimulates lymph flow; strengthens blood vessels, reduces cholesterol; successfully fights against cellulite. The list of advantages is pretty big. But if the body is not yet capable of such loads, it is better to prepare it properly for them than to create health problems for oneself. And can you somehow combine everything?
    Fitness yoga is one of the synthetic directions of fitness, which combines, it would seem, two incompatible things – calm exercising on yoga mats and serious physical activity. It cannot be stated that this synthesis is perfect. New author's programs are constantly being developed, but so far they have not reached the level that gives a quick and tangible result for those who want to lose weight. Reviews about it are different. Those people for whom traditional yoga is a too calm type of exercise, but who cannot yet afford the fast pace of classical fitness, this new direction is perfect. Classes are held at a moderate pace and emphasis on those asanas, which allow you to maximize the load and work out problem areas.
    At the same time, all the usual attributes of yoga are present: beautiful light, flavored sticks, special music. So what is better – fitness or exercises on yoga mats? There is no definitive answer to this question. Everything depends first of all on the state of your health, and then on your priorities and individual preferences. If you want, you can combine both. For example, two times a week you can do fitness using workout equipment and two times a week you can practice yoga on yoga mats. The main thing is that the body feels good and is not overloaded.

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